Common questions

1. What is about?
It is not a secret that young people nowadays are unrestrained when it comes to satisfying their sexual desires. We reveal the real truth about young libertines and the games which they try out on camera. They all are very different but hot, tireless and simply unstoppable as well. Our collection of movies will help you to learn more about their natures and desires.
2. Is free?
You get to see every movie once you join. Membership is available for $29.95 per month and your account is automatically renewed each month until you decide to cancel your membership. Sometimes we offer a shorter trial membership for $1.95 which gives access to a limited number of movies. You can upgrade your membership to full access. If you prefer not to be rebilled, you can easily cancel your membership.
3. I'm concerned about my privacy. How will I be billed?
A discreet charge from or or or CGBILLING will appear on your monthly account statement. The site name and link won't ever appear so your privacy is secured. The data that was recorded when you signed up is used only by our tech and billing support staff. We never sell or give away your personal information to third parties and will never contact you via postal mail services.
4. How do I cancel my subscription?
You can make a cancel request in a ticket or cancel your subscription yourself at the billing's site which you used to pay for a membership:

- link for CGBILLING customers
- link for SEGPAY customers
- link for EPOCH customers
- link for WTS/ACH Billing customers
- link for NetCash customers

5. Are there any kind of download restriction?
Downloading porn from is completely unrestricted! You can download and view as many videos or pictures as you want while you are a member. If you ever decide to cancel, all of the movies you downloaded are yours to keep! You can use download manager programs as well to speed/resume your downloads because we don't limit the number of movies you can download at the same time.
6. Can I really download all your movies?
When you'll join you will receive a user name and password that will let you access the entire site! Your membership will allow you UNLIMITED downloads of all of our content and our special bonus features. There are no hidden/extra charges.
7. What's the quality of your movies?
All of our movies are available in FLV, MP4 (versions for PC/Mac/iPAD/iPhone 4/iPhone 3/Android/iPod/PSP), 3GP format for your convenience! You can also watch online all movies' high-quality flash versions.
8. What are the requirements to play your movies?
There are no special requirements for playing's porn movies. Our movies are tested with many Operating Systems including Windows 98, NT, XP, Vista, Apple Mac and Linux. Every sex scene can easily be copied onto your own CDs and DVDs to be watched on your TV. also provides 24 hour support for members with any technical questions.
9. How often do you add new movies?
We update the 2-3 times every week! Remember, you get Unlimited Downloads so you can add all of our porn movies to your own collection and whatever you download is yours to keep forever!

Access questions

1. How long do I have to wait until my login works for the members area?
You'll just have to wait 2 to 5 minutes for your username/password to be propagated on all our servers. If after 10-15 minutes your account doesn't work, just contact us - make sure you give us as much info as possible so we can fix the problem quickly!
2. I didn't receive my login information What can I do?
If you dont receive an email with your access information after signing up, just contact us as soon as possible so we can send you your access information.
3. My access isn't working. How can I get it fixed?
If you are unable to log into the site, first make sure you're entering the correct username and password. If it still doesn't work, contact us as soon as possible.
4. I lost my password. How do I retrieve it?
You can easily retrieve your password by filling out the following form. We'll send you an instant email including your username and password for accessing the members area:
Or Email Address :
Or Subscription ID :
Verify code :
Please Enter Verify Code : (required)
5. I'm not prompted to enter my username/password in trying to access the
members area. What can I do?
You have to set up your browser in a way that will prompt you to enter your username and password. Follow these directions to do so:

* From the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, select Internet Options.
* Click the Security tab.
* Click the Custom Level button.
* If you scroll down to the next menu, you will see "USER AUTHENTICATION: Logon". Be sure that ANONYMOUS is not selected. If it is, you will not be prompted to enter a username and password.

Here is a screenshot of the Menu you should use :

Video playing questions

1. Which movie player do you suggest I use?
If you're using a MAC, Quicktime is a definitely the best player and it's compatible with the most of our video formats.

If you're using a PC, there are a few Video Players that you can use:

* Zoom Player Home Professional **Recommended**
This player is Free and it's our team's favorite player. Why? Because when you install it, it includes all of the free software you need to play basically every type of media file. It's easy to use too and it has an extremely high quality video output ZOOM PLAYER IS FREE!
> Click Here to visit the Zoom Player Official webpage

* VLC Player
This video player has been around for a long time, it's a simple yet versatile player option. Once installed, it will play most of the video formats you can find out there. This program is Free and Open Source so it's always being updated.
> Click Here to visit the VLC Player Official webpage

* Quicktime
This player was first made for Mac users but it's now available for windows users as well. It's not as good as Zoom Player or VLC in our opinion but the standard version is Free and it's easy to use!
> Click Here to visit the Quicktime Official webpage

2. Do I need to install something in order to play your movies correctly?
To watch the's porn movies online, you only need to install the Adobe FlashPlayer which is 100% FREE. Most operating systems come with this program already installed, but we recommend updating the program for best results because they release new upgraded versions all the time.
Click Here to visit the Adobe FlashPlayer official page

WMV Format:

To play the movies in WMV format (Windows Media Video), you need the latest version of the Windows Media Player, which can be downloaded for FREE using the link below:

Download Windows Media Player - - (the download page opens in a new window)

If you have any difficulty playing porn movies, feel free to contact our trained technical staff by using a members ticket system or e-mail.

3. Which Video Format should I watch or Download?

We have several video formats available and choosing the best one for your computer might be a little confusing at first. Let's show you what you need to know:

If you want instant porn, and you don't want to download the movie and wait for the download to be completed, we recommend watching the movie streaming online.

If you want to save the movies on your computer for later viewing and start collecting porn movies, you want to chose the Download option instead. We have 2 formats available for download and you should choose the format depending on the Quality you'd like and the compatibility:

FLV > for PC / resolution upto 1024x720 / large files
MP4 high > for PC, Mac, IPAD, Iphone 4/ resolution upto 1024x720 / large files
MP4 low > for Iphone 3, IPOD / resolution upto 640x480 / medium files
AVI > for PSP / resolution upto 480x272 / small files
3GP > for mobile phones / resolution 176x144 / small files

4. Can I play H.264 files on my XBOX and PS3?
Yes, this format works on XBOX and PS3.
5. I can't play .wmv movies. How can I fix that?
Some applications, such as WinAmp or Real Player, take over the WMV format management on your computer even though they can not support play movies in this format. In order to fix this, you need to upgrade/install Windows Media Player again. To download it, use the link below (It's FREE):
Download Windows Media Player - (the download page opens in a new window)
6. How can I make Windows Media Player my default player?
You can easily set that up on your own by following the easy steps on this support page:;en-us;Q271949&gssnb=1

Download Questions

1. How do I download the movies?
There are different methods to download the movies, but the most effective one is the Right Click Method. To download a movie, you just have to Right Click on the movie link and then select "Save target as". You'll be prompted to choose a place to store the movie on your Hard Drive (remember where you download it of course!), and then the download will start. To play the movie, you'll simply have to double click on the file once its completely downloaded. Note that if you left click on the link, your media player will generally pop up, and then you won't be able to save the movie on your hard drive (and for some media players, you won't even be able to view the movie). If you encounter any difficulties viewing the movies after downloading them, please read the questions concerning video playing.
2. I don't want to download the movies. What can I do?
If you have a slow connection or simply don't want to wait for a movie to be downloaded, simply click on "WATCH MOVIE". You'll then be able to stream the movie (it downloads it as you're playing it).
3. When I try to download, it goes to Windows Media Player and the video never
starts. What can I do?
Make sure the movie is downloaded on your hard drive before you watch it - to download, right click on the movie link and choose "Save target as" (more information on Question #2 is located at the top of this page). When it's downloaded, just double click on the movie file to watch it. For more information, please read the questions concerning video playing. If you have only sound or only video, you'll have to download the proper codec to view the movies.
4. When I left click to play a .wmv scene, it doesn't open Windows Media Player.
What can I do?
The WMV format is best viewed with Windows Media Player, but some other applications can play this format. However, some applications also take over this format but are unable to play it (such as Win Amp, Real Player, etc.). To fix this problem, set up the .wmv format to be viewed through Windows Media Player. To do this with Windows XP, just right click onto a wmv file and then select "Opens with" and then, "Choose the program". Finally, select Windows Media Player and check the box "Always open with that program". If this doesn't work, you can also update your Windows Media Player HERE.

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